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Our Story told by the bride...

The story of how we met is a slight twist on a classic one
(aided by the miracle of social media). 

Boy sends girl a friend request.
Girl strikes up a conversation about his great taste in music. 
The rest is history...

We were both attending different universities in Oregon that were about four hours apart
when we began talking, so we simply developed a friendship at first. Online chat sessions
turned in to phone calls, which became more and more frequent as the year went on. We
would talk about music, about life, about relationships, and crack each other up the entire
time. One day in July when I was back home for the summer, Pat called me and said that
he was going to drive up to Portland to take me out on a date. For several months we had 
been speaking for hours every day, but had never officially met each other until that night!
Of course we hit it off instantly, had an amazing first date (ending with our first kiss under
the stars), and have been inseparable ever since.

Our relationship felt like something big from the very beginning, so I always knew that if 
Pat ever proposed to me I would say yes. After we were both out of college he decided to 
go for it while we were on a week long trip to New York City. Little did I know at the time 
that he had worked with my best friend and several of my family members to get everything
ready before we left. I also had no idea that he was carrying a ring around the city, hidden in
his pocket, while he waited for the right opportunity, which was extremely nerve-wracking.

On July 6th we set off on an afternoon mission to find Belvedere Castle in Central Park. 
Looking back, Pat did seem a bit more determined than usual despite getting turned around
several times. After finally locating the castle, we took in the views, and settled on some
unoccupied steps to rest. A few seconds later Pat was down on one knee asking me to marry 
him, much to my surprise! Of course, I immediately said yes.

Wanting the moment to ourselves (and to ease my nerves a bit - okay, a lot), we climbed 
over a ledge and got cozy on some large rocks that overlooked Turtle Pond. Finally alone, 
my fears melted away, and we said everything we had been wanting to say to each other for 
years (you know, lovey dovey stuff). I even made him ask me again (yes, I am terrible, but
he thankfully complied), and we made it official.

Since we had already been together for six years when we got engaged (back in 2011), 
we decided to hold off on the wedding planning for a few more and wait to say our 
"I do's" on our ten year anniversary.

Join us July 25th, 2015 to celebrate ten amazing
years since our first date, and many more to come 
as husband and wife.

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